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Originally from South Africa, Anika maintains bases in both Bristol, UK, and Cape Town, allowing her to travel extensively and work on exciting productions both locally and internationally.


Graduating from CityVarsity - School of Media and Creative Arts in 2010 with a focus on film and television directing, Anika found her passion lay at the intersection of filmmaking and photography. This led her to transition into the role of a unit still photographer.


Whether collaborating with seasoned professionals or guiding newcomers, Anika's ability to work seamlessly in fast-paced environments, coupled with her keen eye for detail, has earned her the trust and loyalty of clients worldwide.


Her experience in the fashion industry has also garnered her magazine publications and awards, contributing to her distinct style and artistic tastes, which bring a unique edge to her work as a unit still photographer.


In addition to her talents behind the camera, she has committed herself to honing her skills in image colour grading and retouching, recognising their essential role in achieving the desired look and feel of the production.



Anika Portrait 2020.jpg


“Anika Molnár is simply a brilliant photographer. Her range seems unlimited, her eye is everywhere.

I had the great pleasure to work with her on 'Deutschland 86' and the Netflix mini-series 'Unorthodox' and was again, and again surprised by the strength and depth of her photography. No matter if she works on sets with limited time or builds her own lavish setups, her work is always distinctive and stunning.

Anika's documentary work, her stills and - above all - her portraits magnify the moment and find the truth within beauty and beauty within truth."

- Maria Schrader / Unorthodox / Director

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